Do I have to wear a mask inside the park?

Do I have to wear a mask inside the park?

Splash Kingdom works closely with local, state, and national authorities to develop and follow guidelines for proper mask use in public areas. If the current requirement is to wear a mask in public areas, we ask that while entering the park and standing in food lines or other close areas, you wear the appropriate face covering. However, at no time are we requesting guests to wear masks on attractions, in water, or in their personal relaxing space. Come enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and properly treated pool water with us here at Splash Kingdom.

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    • Are strollers/wagons allowed inside the park?

      Yes, they are. We do ask that little children are never left unattended in these vehicles. Other related articles: My child is 2, do they get in free? Am I allowed to bring a snack inside the park for my toddler? Can I bring my little one's life ...
    • Are we still allowed to bring an unopened water bottle inside the park?

      Yes, we do still allow one unopened bottle of water per guest entering the park. You may also bring an empty water bottle to refill at our water fountains located around the park. We also provide free ice water at all of our concession stands for our ...
    • What should I wear? (Dress Code Policy)

      Splash Kingdom is a family-friendly park. No thongs or excessively revealing swimwear will be permitted. Denim clothing may not be worn on slides or in the water. We reserve the right to ask a guest to use a cover-up if swimwear is deemed ...
    • How old do you have to be to visit the park without an adult?

      Children 12 years old and over may be dropped off at the park. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a responsible guardian. The minimum age for a guardian is 14.
    • I have a special medically necessary diet. What can I bring in?

      For the safety of our guests, we do not allow outside food or beverages inside the park. Guests may bring in an empty water bottle and fill it with water from one of the cold-water fountains available throughout the park. Splash Kingdom offers a ...